Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Back

Well I figure it is time for me to start my blogs again and no time like the present. Cameron and Keelie are both on the couch still asleep. Randy and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Hawaii. The flight at first was a little bit scary. You know Mom told me I had flown in a small plane when I was small, but Uncle Hank was at the controlls at that time. I had flown one Sat. afternoon with Jana, Jason and Cameron with Bill Walters (Jana and Dena's boss) at the controll so I knew a little bit of what to expect. But!!! We got on a small plane in Ft. Smith and flew to Dallas. Randy had told me it was going to be a little rough. We got in there and buckled up and it was cloudy and rainey, we got on the plane and I tried to be tuff really I did but, I was thinking to myself get me down from here. The plane was a little rough, it was like riding on the highway in a car with no shocks. Or that is what it seemed like to me. lol But after we got on the 737 in Dallas and flew to LA it was a smooth easy flight I though hey this is not so bad. Randy let me set by the window and it was clear enough that I could see the ground below at 35,000 feet. It was beautiful. Got to LA and the flight to Honolulu was equally as good. It was just a little bit scarey thinking, I am flying 3500 miles over water at 800 to 900 miles per hour 38,000 feet in the air. But as we took off at every airport I reminded God that he was the wind beneath or the wind above my wings. I then was able to set back and relax and enjoyed the flights there and back. We had a great time. This picture is taken from the window in the plane before we landed in Hawaii. The dark at the bottom is the wing, the layering is wing, clouds, clear sky and clouds again. I think this is an awesome view of Gods handy work. More about our days in Waikiki beach next time. God is good.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Safe Returns

Well Kendall and Marsha made it back safe and sound. He said that he had seen more snow that he has ever seen in his life. The girls both skied. Marsha did a little. Said they had a great time but was sure glad to be home.

The Dolans got home from Tulsa about 5:15 this afternoon. Said it had rained almost the whole trip. When they got up this morning it was raining and turned to snow about 9:00 am and they went to the mall before heading home and there was probably around 3 inches on their car. Took some really neat pictures. Glad everyone had a good time and a safe trips home.

The Greens are going to Tulsa for a mini vacation Wed or Thursday of this week for a few days. Hope they have a good time and safe return too.

Randy and I will be leaving three weeks from today. We sure are getting excited.

Good Night and God Bless

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Little John Deere Man

Randy is going to have to buy a lawn mower this year and he has been looking at the sales papers. Cameron wanted to know what we were looking at and his Pappy told him he was looking at a sales paper to find a lawn mower. So he wanted to see the paper too. There was a John Deere on the front of it and Cameron said lookey there that one is like Uncle Jacks. He looked at that sales paper all that day. I had put it up for him when he went home and when he came over yesterday he said Grandma where is my lawn mower sales paper. lol I got it for him and he kept on looking at it and he told me he needed one of these (weed eater) and one of these (push mower) one of these (oil change kit) and one of those (a riding John Deere). He looked over at the front page of the sales paper and said Pappy needs to buy this one like Uncle Jacks (it came with a free pull cart). The picture had a grass catcher attached to it and he asked me what that was for. I told him that when you mowed your grass that it went into the catcher and that you could dump it out when it got full. He looked at it a minute and told me Pappy could haul it in this cart. lol I tell you that little guy know all about mowers.

He has a Black and Decker tool kit and he went outside the other day and turned his big wheel over looked at it a minute and then went back inside. His dad told him to come back out side and shut the door. He politely told his dad he was getting his tools he had to work on it. lol He came out there, took his hammer, banged on it a time or to and said now its fixed. Turned it over, got on it and drove off.

He is such a little boy. But, he is his grandmas little precious. He is too smart for his own good.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weather or Not

Well our family has experienced all kinds of weather the last few days. Kendall and his family left early to come home from their Colorado vacation. He said we wouldn't believe the weather they have seen this week. We have had thunder storms the past two days and now they are saying we will possibly have snow Sat.

Well spring break is just about over. One of the little girls that I kept when Allie was a baby (up until they started school two years ago) came and spent Monday thru Thursday with us. The girls had a good time. They don't get to see each other very often. Elise lives in Hackett. They would mess up the house and I would tell them if they didn't get this mess cleaned up and I had to do it, everything I touched was going in the trash. lol Didn't take them long to get in cleaned up.

The Dolans are on their way to Tulsa until late Sat. night. They hotel they are staying in has a indoor water park. They are also going to the aquarium in Bixby. Hope they weather isn't to bad for them.

Well hope everyone has had a good week and hope you have a good weekend.

God Bless

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Afternoon

Hope everyone has had a good week.

The weather has been undeciding in what it wants to do. One day is pretty, one day it is windy, and one day rainy. They always say if you don't like the weather in Arkansas wait ten minutes and it will change.

Spring break is this next week for our kidos. Kendall and his family are going to Colorado on a work/play week. Marsha has to work some during the week and Kendall and the girls are going to play all week. Sounds like it will be fun.

Randy and I are planning on taking a trip the 18th of April. We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversay June the 22nd and we are going to go to Hawaii. I cann't hardly wait. Don't want to be away from our family that long but sure looking forward to our trip. I have never flown in big airplane. I have only flown two times, once when I was about 2 years old Uncle Hank and Aunt Mary flew to Eunice and he took me up. I don't really remember it but then last year Jana and Dena's boss Bill Walters had Jana to invite me to go one Saturday afternoon. Jana, Jason, Cameron and I flew over Fort Smith and surrounding area. It was neat. I am a little nervous about the long flight over there but Randy said flying in one of those smaller airplanes is a lot different than flying in a big 757. That as soon as you are lifting off there is nothing you can do about it but hang on and go with it. lol So will let you know how if went when we get back.

Wanted to add a picture of the grandkids from Halloween and the pumpkin they decorated.

Have a good weekend and God Bless

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainy Day

It has been dark, cloudy and rainy most of the day today. The air has had a little bite to it. Yesterday I had on the air conditioner today the heater.

Allie was excited today when I picked her up from school. She had gotten her report card today and had all A's. (she get her smarts from her Grandma lol) No she has really done well in school all on her own. She also reminded me that only one more day until spring and with that spring break. Cameron came over to spend the day with Keelie and I today. His dad received news Monday that he has gotten the job he has been hoping for. He had to go today and have some tests done and have lunch with one of the guys. Keelie had fun playing with him some days they play good together some days that fight light brother and sister not cousins.

We have been watching the wild turkeys and deer in our yard. They are so pretty. They come as close as 10 feet from the front door. We have had 19 turkeys and up to six deer in the yard this year. Two little bucks came as close as 15 feet from the front door.

Well here is one of my favorite sayings:

Live Simply Love Generously Care Deeply Speak Kindly and Leave the rest to God

Till tomorrow God Bless and have a good day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am real new to this so be patient. I follow a few bloggers and have wanted to comment on a few so decided I would try my hand at this. I just opened a facebook account to. Thought I might be a little bit to old for this kind of thing but decided you are as old as you feel. Today I would just like to thank the good Lord for this wonderful weather he has blessed us with the last few days. It seems as if spring is just around the corner. Hope everyone has a blessed day.