Saturday, March 28, 2009

Safe Returns

Well Kendall and Marsha made it back safe and sound. He said that he had seen more snow that he has ever seen in his life. The girls both skied. Marsha did a little. Said they had a great time but was sure glad to be home.

The Dolans got home from Tulsa about 5:15 this afternoon. Said it had rained almost the whole trip. When they got up this morning it was raining and turned to snow about 9:00 am and they went to the mall before heading home and there was probably around 3 inches on their car. Took some really neat pictures. Glad everyone had a good time and a safe trips home.

The Greens are going to Tulsa for a mini vacation Wed or Thursday of this week for a few days. Hope they have a good time and safe return too.

Randy and I will be leaving three weeks from today. We sure are getting excited.

Good Night and God Bless

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