Friday, March 27, 2009

My Little John Deere Man

Randy is going to have to buy a lawn mower this year and he has been looking at the sales papers. Cameron wanted to know what we were looking at and his Pappy told him he was looking at a sales paper to find a lawn mower. So he wanted to see the paper too. There was a John Deere on the front of it and Cameron said lookey there that one is like Uncle Jacks. He looked at that sales paper all that day. I had put it up for him when he went home and when he came over yesterday he said Grandma where is my lawn mower sales paper. lol I got it for him and he kept on looking at it and he told me he needed one of these (weed eater) and one of these (push mower) one of these (oil change kit) and one of those (a riding John Deere). He looked over at the front page of the sales paper and said Pappy needs to buy this one like Uncle Jacks (it came with a free pull cart). The picture had a grass catcher attached to it and he asked me what that was for. I told him that when you mowed your grass that it went into the catcher and that you could dump it out when it got full. He looked at it a minute and told me Pappy could haul it in this cart. lol I tell you that little guy know all about mowers.

He has a Black and Decker tool kit and he went outside the other day and turned his big wheel over looked at it a minute and then went back inside. His dad told him to come back out side and shut the door. He politely told his dad he was getting his tools he had to work on it. lol He came out there, took his hammer, banged on it a time or to and said now its fixed. Turned it over, got on it and drove off.

He is such a little boy. But, he is his grandmas little precious. He is too smart for his own good.

Have a good weekend.

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